For a few days, at the Gran Caffè in Rapallo, a well-known town on the Ligurian Riviera, there are two apron and bib robots waiters to serve customers cappuccinos and coffee. They are two examples of Xiao Ai, a sophisticated model made in China, that go to the table of the patrons through special tracks.

The well-known bar-restaurant a stone’s throw from the sea, frequented in the past by Hemingway, Montale and Ezra Pound, has today taken a hi-tech street.

The owner Gabriele Hu, however, is keen to stress that there is no danger of dismissal for other human workers. The two robots, in fact, are a form of entertainment, probably the first of its kind in Italy: they also answer any questions, just like the recently spread digital assistants also in our country.

The coffee lovers of Rapallo and the numerous tourists can, therefore, rest assured: the coffee is prepared by people of flesh and blood according to the good Italian tradition!