If you are in San Francisco and enter the Klatch Coffee you can order a cup of coffee Elida Natural Geisha 803. When the bartender brings you the bill, hold on tight! In fact, it is the most expensive coffee in the world, produced with a particular variety grown in Panama. The cost for a cup? 75 dollars, or about 67 euros. 

The abbreviation 803, which is found in the name of this variety, refers precisely to the record evaluation obtained from the beans of this auctioned coffee: 803 dollars for a pound, or almost 1600 euros per kilo! 

It is a particular Arabica with a floral aroma that suggests hints of red fruits and jasmine. Harvested by hand, berry by berry, it is grown at the foot of a volcano and its particular taste derives from the variety of plants that grow around it. 

The last harvest yielded less than 50 kilos of coffee, most of which were purchased by private individuals in Japan, China and Taiwan. The American Klatch Coffee bought 10 pounds, a tenth of the total, enough to prepare about 80 coffees. Those who tasted it said that it is “incredibly good”.  

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