An all-Italian start-up born in 2014 promises to give espresso a second life with the recycling of coffee grounds. It’s called OltreCafè and is a circular economy project born from a passion for recycling and love for the environment and sustainability.

Coffee, the drink most loved by Italians, is the second most traded raw material in the world. Furthermore, Italy is also the largest consumer of household pellets in Europe; but 85% of the pellets we use in our homes are imported. Starting from these simple observations, coffee pellets were born.

The recycling of coffee grounds starts with their drying; after they are mixed with selected wood and, finally, pelletized for use in stoves. The yield of this pellet is 20% higher than the traditional one with wood alone and has a higher calorific value. Not a single tree is cut to produce it.

OltreCafè won the Good Energy Award in 2018 and currently has a number of initiatives in the pipeline to raise consumer awareness about recycling.

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