In recent years, coffee has become the coolest beverage among the skyscrapers and offices in Beijing (China), also thanks to an overall improved standard of living.

It is a well-known story that China is a big tea consumer, however the most recent statistics tell another truth: coffee consumption grows by about 20% every year.

The queues of young people at the counter of the coffee shops scattered in the metropolis speak for themselves: consumption is concentrated among young professionals under 35. Within this emerging middle class of coffee consumers, women represent the largest share: even 70%.

But it is not the classic Italian-style espresso that the Chinese like the most, too bitter for their palate: to make it the master are the variously vanilla and shaken drinks. “Coffee with pistachio”, “macchiato al caramello”, “drowned in ice cream”, and so on and so forth!

And so a real war started between the giants of the sector.

Starbucks with its famous “Frappuccino” will open a point of sale every 15 hours by 2022, doubling the number to 6000. The rival Costa, recently acquired by Coca Cola, will triple to 1200. The young Chinese startup Luckin Coffee has already arrived at quota 1000, with an all-digital management model. The trend is now, in fact, that of home delivery by order via smartphone. And so we are also gearing up for face recognition payments and drone deliveries.