In the United States, 2018 saw the emergence of “cheese tea”. Instead, 2019 seems to be the year of the brand new “cheese coffee”.

It is a drink covered with a tasty frothy layer that begins to spread in the most famous coffee shops in the country. This particular coffee is now also popular on social media, especially on Instagram, becoming one of the current food trends.

American coffee with cheese

After the colorful cappuccinos and other beverages to say the least imaginative, here is the moment of a tasty variation of the classic American coffee, also served in the typical big glass: a long coffee decorated on top with a soft and frothy cream blended based on cheese. Usually it is mascarpone, with a characteristic flavor halfway between sweet and salty. Moreover, in Italy too the combination of mascarpone and coffee is the heart of the very famous Tiramisu.

And in the rest of the world?

Cheese coffee also exists elsewhere and for a long time. One of the most famous is the “kaffeost” served in Sweden, which has become a true ritual to share with family or friends. It is a cup of hot coffee in which tasty cubes of cow’s milk cheese are fried, fried or grilled.

Also known is the “cà phê trúng” or egg coffee sold in the Vietnamese markets: powdered coffee, egg yolk, butter, condensed milk and cheese. An invention dating back to 1946 as a nutritious alternative to milk, difficult to find at that time