We all know that the coffee we drink every day contains a variable amount of caffeine depending on the mixture used. On average, there are 80 milligrams of caffeine in an espresso cup. Instead in a long coffee like the American one or in one prepared with the classic mocha the milligrams rise to 100-150. 

This is the rule. But there is a coffee that goes beyond all the standards and is universally recognized as the strongest coffee of all. It’s the Black Insomnia and already the name says it all: 702 mg of caffeine per cup! This means that drinking a single cup of this coffee will exceed the recommended daily caffeine limit. 

Since 2016 it is the leading product of the homonymous café based in Cape Town, South Africa: from the African continent its fame has spread throughout the world. Currently Black Insomnia is marketed in 22 countries (not yet in Italy) for a quantity of 8 tons per month.

The secret of this great strength? In addition to the quality of coffee used, Robusta, what makes this blend so strong is the particular roasting system which remains top secret.