Barley coffee is now known, it is an energizing drink that does not contain exciters. This is why many prefer it to coffee. Moreover, by its nature barley is rich in mineral salts and vitamins. At the same time it is very low in fat. All beneficial properties already well known to the ancient Romans who were assiduous consumers.

That barley coffee is good is the conclusion that scientists have come to after careful laboratory analysis. Analyzes conducted due to some doubts that had been raised about the presence of acrylamide in the beverage. 

Acrylamide is a carcinogenic substance that develops due to the high cooking temperatures in foods rich in carbohydrates. Studies have shown that this substance is present in very small quantities in barley coffee, unlike what there is, for example, in French fries. This is the same modest quantity contained, for example, in the most common baked goods: bread, crackers, biscuits. 

Barley coffee is, however, banned in cases of celiac disease. In fact, being a cereal, it naturally contains gluten. Absolutely to avoid, therefore, in case of intolerance towards this protein complex.